Roomies Come Too– Jake’s Rocks Recap


You can learn a lot about someone by taking them on a hike.

I’d say it’s the best way to see a person’s true colors… you know, except that I live in a dorm with three girls.FullSizeR (1)

We have definitely seen each other’s true colors. It’s a miracle we still talk We love each other anyway.

Kidding aside, we are the best of friends and it makes us the perfect hiking crew.

We all have our jobs:

Jess vlogs our adventures (vlog for this hike coming soon!)

Juliette makes sure we all laugh the whole way and take good photos for our Instagrams.

Dani keeps up the sense of adventure by climbing on top of large rocks and venturing from the path.

I remind them to bring extra clothes and snacks. I am definitely the mom-friend… I even drive a minivan.

On Saturday, we headed out for an adventure at Jake’s Rocks trail.



Here are the quick facts:

Distance: 3.2 mile central loop. There are several larger and smaller loop options as well.

Location: Warren, Pennsylvania.

Parking: Lots of parking spots at the trailhead. There are printed maps, a park bulletin, bathrooms and a picnic area. If it is snowing when you hike this trail, be aware that they do not plow the road to the trail head.

Views: Breathtaking view of Kinzua Lake, large rock outcrops, waterfalls.

Dogs: This trail is great for dogs.

Difficulty: This trail is moderate. It is appropriate for all skill levels. The extensions and shortcuts can make it easier or harder, though. Note: This is also used as a mountain biking trail. For mountain biking, I’d rate this trail as difficult.

Trail markers: The trail is in pristine condition. The pathways and signage are clear. However, I do recommend bringing a map or taking one from the trailhead so you can remember what loop you are on.

Our thoughts?


I asked each of the girls what their favorite part was:

Jess loved the first overlook we came to: a panorama view of Kinzua Lake.

Juliette loved all the little waterfalls that crossed the trail.

Dani loved the snow. As a Los Angeles native, it was her first time hiking in the snow!

I loved the variety of plant life on this trail. There was a lot to photograph.

Jake’s Rocks is a great hike, perfect for hikers of all skill levels. This hike is gorgeous in the snow and manageable in icy conditions. It is hilly, but there are no areas too steep or slippery to pass.

We can’t wait to go back when the weather is warm, though. We probably could have done the longer loop, but we were ready to defrost by the time we made it back to the car.

Kinzua Beach is also nearby and would make for a fun post-hike stop in the summertime.

Despite the cold, the girls wanted to stop at Custer City Drive-in on the way home and I was all for it (I obviously want to be the cool mom-friend).  They gave it two thumbs up :).



A good day with great friends!

Tell me:

Do you like snow hikes?

Have you ever gone hiking with your roomies?






One thought on “Roomies Come Too– Jake’s Rocks Recap

  1. I love snow hikes. At least, I love the ones I’ve been on. One time, some work friends(kinda like roomies) and I hiked a 6 mile section of the Blue Ridge Parkway to a trail club cabin (whole other story there). It was late January and the Parkway was closed due to snowy conditions. It was very cool walking the Parkway and checking out the scenic overlooks on bipedal time. Didnt see another soul. Google “love pass blue ridge Virginia” for an idea of what we walked past. To think that in the open season thousands of cars per day pass those spots and we had it all to ourselves… Thanks for sharing your hike! Love, J


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