Reasons to Take a Hike


When it comes to my hikes, I am not picky. It could be in the neighborhood, through the park, on the beach, up a mountain, along a river — anywhere! There are so many reasons to take a hike. Here are my favorites:

A photo of me at White Oak/ Cedar Run Trail

1. You will see something. It doesn’t matter how many times you have walked a trail, keep your eyes wide and you are guaranteed to see something new.

A photo I took of items I found in the woods behind my school.


2. It is mind cleansing and therapeutic. After all, it is just you, mother nature and the trail!


3. It is an adventure: following the blazes, reading your map, figuring out how to make it over a 10 foot rock wall, running from bears.


4. It is GREAT exercise. Walking as a form of exercise? Skeptical? Well, I workout frequently and let me tell you — Go hike Old Rag Mountain and then we will talk 🙂 .


5. You can take your friends. Yes, even the ones who think they aren’t “outdoors people.” Get them to go on a good hike with you. At the very least, you will definitely give them a story to tell.


6. The feeling  of accomplishment when you have reached the end. There is NOTHING better than getting to the summit of a mountain. I basically always feel like:


7. Wildlife… most of the time. 🙂


8. It is almost always FREE!


That’s all I got! Happy hiking 🙂

Tell me in the comments:

-Do you like to hike?

-Why do you like/not like to hike? 



One thought on “Reasons to Take a Hike

  1. Super photo of collected nature, would love to see more of your work!

    I love the fresh air on a hike. And it may sound weird but I love going when the weather isn’t perfect, cold or rainy or hot or foggy. Even on the same path no two days are the same.


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